Monday, November 5, 2012

Football Mom

My how things have changed. First season having a football player in my house and I've fallen hard into the roll of being "that mom". So, I started out the season not caring much about the game. I planned to be at all the games but didn't really care how things turned out. I just wanted my boy to have fun. My, my, things changed. A certain team beat us in a football game about 4 weeks ago. Since then one of their players has trash talked every time he has seen me at school. At first it started out being kind of funny. Then, he got just downright rude. I told him that they played a really good game. Inside I was screaming. They should never have beaten us. We beat them in every scrimmage we have had against them. But I was being the adult and showing good sportsmanship. Well, 4 weeks later enough is enough. Last Saturday we were set to play them again in a playoff game. Naturally, his trash talking started back up. I told him again that they did great. He just kept on. I calmly told him that he should be a good sport about the win. He nodded his head no. I told him that he should be nice. His reply, "I'm not nice. Your team is going to be crying. They'll be sucking their thumbs as they walk off the field." That's when I did it. Yes sir I did. Standing out on car duty at school I looked him right in the face and said, "My son has one instruction on Saturday and that's to make you cry." Oh brother! He got to me. I caved, but that 22-0 win on Saturday felt GREAT. Needless to say he didn't have anything to say to me at school today.  I should be ashamed of myself.