Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little League Parenting

Preseason baseball tournament started last night.  I love watching my boy play ball.  I have never enjoyed watching baseball.  But I LOVE watching my boy.  But I must be honest.  I was not looking forward to last nights game.   In fact, I was very tempted to stay home. Have a really turned into one of those little league parents. We've got some very nice boys on our team.  But athletic ability isn't quite there.  I know think I know why this happened.  I really think God is trying to teach me something.  I've already been struggling thinking about what the other boys at school would say when they "kill us" in baseball.  I've already been struggling with my attitude when they talk about how their team has four all star players or how good they are.  I know it's not about winning.  I know it's not about being the best ball player.  In fact, the sermon Sunday was about Passion and Purpose. " Is you purpose to raise your kid to be the best ball player in the league or is it to raise your kid to love and serve the Lord with everything in him?"  Ouch, that hurt.  It hit me right between the eyes.  So, as I struggle with my attitude throughout this season I know my purpose is to teach my child how to show love in every situation.  My purpose is to teach him about attitude.  My purpose is to teach him that when others say unkind things our reaction should be that which would be pleasing to our King.  It's not going to easy.  I must watch my every expression and word.  I know he is watching and will learn by witnessing my every move. 

My tough baseball player is full of love.

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