Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jellybeans and Roses

Somehow the kids and I started talking about jellybeans on Easter after all the festivities (church, lunch, and Easter egg hunt).  I started telling them about how my Grandma Betty liked jellybeans.  So, we decided to pay a visit to her grave.  We took some jellybeans with us and some roses from our yard.  As we got close to the graveyard Laura said, "We have to wear our pants crooked for Grandma Betty."  Grandma always had the middle seam of her pants twisted in some way or another and it has been a great source of laughter for us.
So here stand my silly kiddos with jellybeans, roses, and twisted pants for their Great Grandma Betty.
We love you Grandma Betty and we miss you.  We hope you enjoyed the jellybeans and roses we left for you.

While we were there we decided that their Great Great Grandma Ruby needed some jellybeans, too.
So, we dug a small hole and buried jellybeans just for her.
and we arranged some on her headstone.
It's great to remember and share stories of those that have gone before us, those that are partially responsible for our exsistence and took a part in molding our family into what it is today.

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