Saturday, June 11, 2016


After being in Van Buren most of the week for band camp, we returned home last night dirty, exhausted, and past bedtime.  I was trying to rush everyone along to unpack, shower, and get to bed.  Izzy got out of the shower and went to her room.  She immediately started screaming a terrible, scary scream.  I knew something was very wrong.  I instantly thought there was an intruder in her room.  In that split second I was terrified, I had to protect my children, and I needed someone to call 911.  I pushed the baby to Laura and yelled for her to grab the phone.  I wanted the phone in her hand ready to make that call.  I had to protect my child.  I rounded the corner to her room to find the intruder...

a frog.  She continue to scream and cry and shake.  Elijah jumped out of the shower terrified and Laura cried from the adrenaline rush of fear.  I rocked Izzy and oiled and massaged her to try to het her to relax as my own heart raced from the "excitement".  She slept in my room for the night.

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