Monday, June 13, 2016

Big sister, little sister

As I sit at guard practice watching, I am a bit overwhelmed.  It's summer.  Most kids are sitting on the couch doing little to nothing  My big girl had 5 hours of guard practice on Saturday.  She's back today for 4 more hours of practice.  I'm so glad she has a passion for guard.  I've watcher her do incredibly hard things and push herself in hard competitions.  What I'm most moved by today is that in the midst of her high school friends she invited her little sis to stretch with her and be part of the group.  Little Miss Izzy looks up to her and it means the world to her to be included.  She's the best at teaching Izzy to be a good big sister.  I hope Izzy will return that same kindness to Shelby Lynn someday.

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