Sunday, January 22, 2012


Oldest and I started about a week ago doing a quick devotion together every night. It usually consists of a verse, a short paragraph to read and think about, and then a short writing about your thoughts. It's been great! I live spending time with the Lord but don't STOP long enough to really be with Him. That whole "be still" thing...yep, that's my struggle. This time every night has given us the chance to talk briefly about life, right and wrong, how we should live our lives and so on. So, we started because I knew it would be food for oldest. Turns out it's really good for me.

We celebrated little man's bday today. Yes, it's 8 days early. I know but winter weather is generally cold and miserable. The temp today was suppose to be 73. 73 in January?! Wow! Must enjoy and relish in the beauty. So, we planned a trip to Devil's Den to picnic, hike, go caving, ride bikes, and have fun with cousins. Well, the weather didn't turn out to be that nice. In fact, with the windchill it was just downright cold. So, we changed plans. We were going to give little man several options to make the day fun and special. Turns out he just wanted everyone to come to our house to eat lunch and play. We had a great, relaxing time. Wonder if he'll always be this easy to please.

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